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We have been managing the development of investments in southern Chile, specifically in the area of renewable energy.


We are aiming to become a fundamental pillar in the transition towards a more sustainable energy matrix for Chile and to assist on the decarbonisation of the planet.

1. San Gabriel

183 MW Municipality of Renaico. In service since 2020

2. Mesamávida

60 MW Municipality of Los Ángeles. Start of construction in December 2020. Construction began in December 2020

3. Los Olmos

100 MW Municipality of Mulchén. Start of construction in the second half of 2020. Construction started during the second half of 2020

4. Tolpán Sur

84 MW Municipality of Renaico. Start of construction at the end of 2018. Construction began towards the end of 2018

5. VDP

100 MW Municipality of Arauco. Under development. Currently developing.

6. Rinconada

252 MW Municipality of Laja and Los Ángeles. Under development. Currently developing

7. Entre Cerros

90 MW Photovoltaic Wind Renewable Park, Municipality of Portezuelo-Ninhue. Under development. Currently developing

Parques Eólicos San Gabriel & Tolpán Sur

This is the first wind park developed by our company, located in the Renaico commune, La Araucanía Region. The park is owned by Acciona company, and after being built is now fully on operation with an installation of 183 MW.