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Who are we?

Consorcio Eólico


Consorcio Eólico S.A. is a group of Chilean companies, which over the past decade has become the main developer of wind energy projects in the south of Chile and also with interest in the solar and hydro energy areas.


Established in the city of Concepción, Consorcio Eólico S.A. is part of the EO Group. There are over 70 employees whom have worked from the beginning of the project to the start of its construction and, throughout all this process, the same philosophy still remains intact: to develop cleaner energies that contribute to global sustainable growth.”

Our Mission

We are passionate about the development of projects that work to wards global sustainability


We are highly motivated to become a fundamental line of support in the transition towards a more sustainable energy matrix for Chile and to assist on the decarbonisation of our planet

Within the next 5 years we are aiming to contribute towards the development and construction of wind energy projects that surpasses the 2,000 MW

Business Model

Consorcio Eólico’s business model is to find and develop wind parks to be transferred to the companies that can build and operate them, with the aim of providing electricity to the distribution companies.

Board of directors

Chairman of the Board

Juan Pablo Young Ch.

Civil Mechanical Engineer from University of Concepción, Chile. He is the founding partner of Inversiones Bosquemar, Consorcio Eólico. He has become an expert in management and development of renewable energy projects, with more than 12 years working in the field. He is also responsible for the development of 1,272 MW, out of which 437 MW are either operating or are under construction in different regions of the country.

Executive Director

Christian Evans R.

Former General Manager of Telex Chile International. Former General Manager of Inmobiliaria Kapital. Former Director and Country Manager Mainstream RP, where he was directly responsible for the development of a portfolio of 2,500MW of solar and wind projects in Chile, out of which 11 projects have environmental qualification resolution, that which are equivalent to 1100MW.


Juan José Eyzaguirre L.

Lawyer, Diego Portales University. He is partner of PPU and an active member of the Board of Directors. He is an expert in environmental, regulatory and judicial issues related to investments projects. He has shown salient outcomes in terms of advising important clients regarding environmental and energy matters, at both at an administrative and judicial level, as well as on environmental impact assessment of investment projects. Ha has also provided crucial advice on the process of acquiring the necessary permits for the execution and subsequent closure of these projects.


Jorge Lesser G-H.

Industrial Civil Engineer, University of Chile. His professional career considers salient outcomes which are firmly linked to leadership and management, such as: Chairman and Director of Essbio S.A, Esval S.A. and SAESA. In addition to this, he is Director of Coca-Cola Embonor S.A. since 2000, EuroAmerica and Managing Partner of IMELSA. It is also part of his professional growth his position exerted at Celulosa Arauco, Pesquera Coloso, ENDESA and El Mercurio, including his time as President of Andescan, as well as being representative of the Ontario Teacher’s Pension Plan in Chile.

Company principles

We are a team


Administration and Finance Manager

Manuel Estrada

Corporate Affairs and Communities Manager

Mauricio Franjola

General Counsel

Cristina Olavarría

We Are a Team